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Healthy Starts Here

A comprehensive approach of providing medical care considering physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental influences affecting your health and shifting the emphasis from reaction to prevention by providing personalized care.


We specialize in holistic approach to mental health and use Ketamine Infusion Treatment along with Nutraceuticals, herbal remedies, nutrition, lifestyle modifications to treat  wide variety of mood disorders (Depression, Anxiety, PTSD etc.) in Peachtree City and surrounding areas. An average of 83% of our patients get substantial relief from their symptoms by using out treatment.


Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a science-based whole systems approach that looks at the fundamental and underlying causes of clinical symptoms.


Ketamine IV Therapy

Ketamine can be highly effective in treating depression, PTSD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other conditions.

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Health & Wellness Team of Trained Professionals

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We have a Family Medicine Physician who is board-certified in Functional Medicine.

Years of specialized training, practice, dedication, and a passion for finding the root cause to illness. 


Our Physician Assistant provides every patient with personalized care.

We also partner with licensed professional therapists.


Trained in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), brainspotting and clinical hypnosis to treat your mental health holistically.

Meet Dr. Prasad 

Dr. Prasad takes the approach of healing the mind, body, and soul and determined to look beyond the pharmaceutical-based treatment to find solutions that are more holistic with gentle natural treatments, encompass prevention, and lifestyle changes.

Meet Dr. Prasad


"I want to give a huge shout out to Dr. Prasad for being my amazing doctor. Dr. Prasad has spent time listening to me and getting a real understanding of my health concerns and lifestyle. She did not write off anything i had to say. I am beyond grateful for taking me seriously. In few months, majority of my complaints have dramatically decreased and I look forward to the new change to come."

- Joanna S,

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