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Sarita Prasad M.D.

My Story

I am a board-certified Functional Medicine and Family Medicine physician who is passionate about finding the root cause of dis-ease for my patients. Since my childhood, I  have always been passionate about seeking answers to complex problems.  I decided to become a doctor because I  strongly believed in the capacity of the human body to heal and overcome even the direst circumstances -if given the right tools. 

I  finished my Residency in Family medicine in 2007 from UIC and joined a very busy Family Medicine practice in the suburb of Chicago. I noticed early on that our conventional healthcare system is a revolving door of illness as it treats the body as a separate system entity. The shortfall is that patients are getting stuck without achieving the health outcomes they want. Battling with my own issue of chronic migraines and allergies I  recognized the shortcomings of relying only on conventional medicine.  I was determined to look beyond the pharmaceutical/procedure-based treatment and find solutions that were more holistic and encompassed prevention. This sparked my journey in Functional Medicine, which I have been practicing for the last 10 years.

 When I am not in the office, I am teaching medical students from Mercer Medical School.  I enjoy traveling, fishing, cooking, yoga, Meditation, and long walks with my family.